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Jul 05


BANKING RELATED TERMS   1.WHAT IS SWIFT: SWIFT stands for Society of World Wide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication. It is a communication system that advices member banks to transfer funds from one member to another. It is not a payment system, but an information and instruction network. Based in Brussels, the SWIFT network of terminals links thousand five hundred banks in Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. 2.WHAT IS SWAP: The means by which a barrower Read more [...]

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Feb 14

The Companies Act, 1994

The Companies Act, 1994 Name:     The Companies Act,1994 Title:     The Companies Act,1994 Act Number:     18 of 1994 Summary:     This law is related to the formation, registration, management, winding-up of companies and other matters therewith. Ministry:     Ministry of Commerce Agency:     Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies Sub Agency: Date of Issue:     Wednesday, 19 April 1950Monday, 12 September 1994 Date in Force:     Wednesday, 19 April 1950Sunday, Read more [...]

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Feb 14

Reasons of Classification/Classification

Reasons of Classification/Classification   Reasons of Classification/Classification Methods & De-Classification Process   1.   Categories of Investments/Loans & Advances        BRPD Circular No.14 dated: 23-09-2012 a)      Continuous Loan – Cash Credit, Overdraft, Baim, BM etc. b)      Demand Loan – Loans that become repayable on demand. If any contingent/other liabilities are turned to forced loan (without prior approval as regular loan). c)      Read more [...]

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Feb 14

The Bank Companies Act, 1991

The Bank Companies Act, 1991 This is the act which is meant for Commercial Banks and the Central Bank of the country as well. It is mandatory for all banks to abide by the provisions of this Act. This Act has given necessary power to the Central Bank to control the Commercial Banks and Specialized Banks in line with its monetary policy. This Act has 124 Sections.   Important Sections of the Act  Section – 5 : Definition of different terminologies/concept a)      “Company” Read more [...]

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Feb 14

Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947

Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947 Act No. vii of 1947, 11th March, 1947     1. Section – 2 :   Definition of terms   A)    Authorized Dealer – means a person authorized under section 3 to deal in foreign exchange.   B)    Foreign Currency – means any currency other than Bangladesh Currency.   C)    Foreign Exchange means foreign currency and foreign instrument.     2. Section – 3 :   Against application , BB can authorize Read more [...]

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Feb 07

Al-Arafah Bank Branch

Al-Arafah Bank Branch   Dhaka Division | Chittagong Division | Sylhet Division | Khulna Division Rajshahi Division           Barisal Division | Rangpur Division Dhaka Division 1. Abdullahpur SME Branch Md. Helal Uddin PO Minnat Plaza, Abdullahpur Bazar, Abdullahpur, Keranigonj, Dhaka 1311 Ph: 01825-920092,01713810082, 01916152104 Fax: 2. Ati Bazar Branch Monirul Islam Bhuiyan SPO Manik Plaza, Ati Bazar, Keranigonj,Dhaka. Ph: 7769168, 7769169, 01833-330274 Fax: 3. Read more [...]

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Feb 07

Agrani Bank Branch

Agrani Bank Branch   A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z   Branch Name Address Phone AKHAURA SARAK BAZAR, AKHAURA AKHAURA 3450 B.BARIA 08522-56076 ASHUGONJ ASHUGAJ BAZAR ASHUGANJ ASHUGANJ 3402 B.BARIA 01819-412986 AZIZ NAGAR AZIZ NAGAR AZIZ NAGAR LAMA BANDARBAN 1819345107 AMTALI SADAR AMTALI AMTALI 8710 BARGUNA 04452-56014 AMNURA AMNURA AMNURA NAWABGANJ 6303 Ch.N.GONJ 1819750379 ASADGANJ Read more [...]

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Feb 04

AB Bank Branch

AB Bank Branch All users or customers to know the location of AB Bank Branch location. To fulfill their requirement of the customers we enclosed below the branch name and address: Dhaka Division   Dhaka Division Branch Name Address   Ashuganj Kashem Plaza, Ashuganj Sadar,Brahmanbaria Tel: 08528-74575, 08528-74574, 01195016405 Email: ashumg@abbl.com Mnemonic: ASHU Code: 4135 Routing Number: 020120102 Opening: 19.06.2011         Banani S. Read more [...]

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Jan 17

Reliving Manager Certificate

Reliving Manager Certificate Ref: SIBL/Branch Name/year/---   ------- Branch, Dhaka   Reliving Manager Certificate   Name of the branch: ……….. Branch, Dhaka Date charge of the Branch handed Over 16.01.2014   Name of the Incoming Manager Mr. A. Vice President Name of the Outgoing Manager Mr. B, Asstt. Vice President   Reference Number of Head Office, Dhaka No. SIBL-------------- dated 29.12.2013 letter regarding the change of Manager Read more [...]

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Jan 14

Bank Al-Falah Limited

    Bank Al-Falah Limited   Information Bank Alfalah Limited was incorporated as a public limited company on June 21, 1992 under the Companies Ordinance 1984. Its banking operations commenced from November 1, 1997. The Bank is owned and operated by the Abu Dhabi Group and is the sixth largest bank in Pakistan.The Bank does business through a network of over 500 branches in more than 170 cities in Pakistan.The Bank has an international presence in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Read more [...]

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Jan 14

SIBL VISA Islamic Credit Card

SIBL VISA Islamic Credit Card What is SIBL VISA Islamic Credit Card In today's modern global world Credit Card is a very comprehensively used mode of financial transaction and it is widely well-known as “Plastic Money”. It has created an huge impact in the life of the people all over the world. The same movement is being followed in Bangladesh too. At present  the popularity of Islamic Credit Cards in Bangladesh Is growing by leaps and bounds as local and international banks are earning Read more [...]

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Dec 20


SITE MAP AIBL at a Glance AIBL Contacts AIBL CSR AIBL Management AIBL Profile AIBL SWIFT CODES BDBL Board of Directors BRAC Bank Internet Banking Branch Information Complaint Cell Team Credit Card Issuers Bank list of Bangladesh DBBL Internet Banking EBL Internet Banking Financial Statement Foreign Trade ICB Islamic Bank Limited Locker Services Schedule of Charges of AIBL Shariah Board of AIBL SME Banking Special Features of AIBL Read more [...]

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